8 days ago

Members Memories: When Roy Barry Met Stanley Matthews

Thanks to CCFPA’s vice Chairman Billy Bell for a memory from his great friend Roy Barry a stalwart former seventies Sky Blue defender. It concerns one of the greatest English players ever to stride the footballing stage Stanley Matthews. Scottish born Roy, now well into his seventies, came up against the former England international not [&hel[...]
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8 days ago

Members news: Sky Blue Speedie Hits 61 Today – ‘Happy Birthday’, David!

The Association would like to say a big ‘Happy 61st Birthday’ for today to our member, former Sky Blue forward David Speedie. Born in Glenrothes, Scotland on 20th February 1960 David began working life apprenticed as a Yorkshire miner but his footballing potential was soon spotted by Barnsley who gave him a professional contract in [&he[...]
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